Earlier I used to get headache very often. Slowly it reduced and now I do not get headache at all. I am able to study much better now.

- Divya S, I Yr, Valliammaiyar Hindu Teacher Training Institute, Kulasekaran Pattinam (June 2013)
On 27th March 2013, in the night, I saw a beam of Light. I kept on seeing it for 15-20 days. Then Guruji and Amaraji came and blessed me one day before my Star test. After 2-3 days again Guruji and Amaraji spoke to me. Amaraji asked, 'Do you want to participate in Light Channels World Movement?' I said I will think about this. Next day, I channelled Light in the night. After that Amaraji said, 'Now you are in the Light Channelling group.' There were some more Rishis with Amaraji and Guruji. Again in the next few days Amaraji told me that I must write my experience and send it to Manasa, before Guruji's birth anniversary on 18th May, which is also the 5th anniversary of Light Channels World Movement. I want all of you to channel Light in honour of Guruji's birth anniversary. Thank you.

- Pooja Yalla, Std. IV, Sacramento California (June 2013)
My lethargy is gone. My memory has improved and I am at peace. Also I feel I am healthier now.

- Muruga Laxmi K., II Yr., Valliammaiyar Hindu Teacher Training Institute, Kulasekaran Pattinam (June 2013)
It gave me a wonderful experience. By channelling Light I have understood myself better. My anger is controlled and I feel peace inside myself. I have confidence that I can do anything. Earlier I used to get scared of dogs. After doing this for two weeks, I am able to walk freely on road without getting afraid. I am very happy.

- Swetha Rajeswari V., Std. XII, SBS Mootha Girls Senior Secondary School, West Mambalam, Chennai (May 2013)
I have been practising this technique from the very first day we came to know about it. It has brought a great change in me. Now I know myself better. My attitude towards others has changed and I don't get angry as frequently as I used to before. I used to get irritated with my mother when she gave advice. But now I accept my mistakes and promise her that I will not repeat it again.

Once, I had the Physics exam. I wasn't prepared and had only one evening to study for the exam. I was very much scared and tensed. Suddenly I remembered this technique and sat down to practise. To my surprise, I became very calm and could read the subject with great concentration. I kept saying to myself that the exam will be easy and I will do well. That single thought filled the whole of me. Next day, I went to the exam hall without fear, which I have never done before, and I wrote very well. After that I sat down for practise again and thanked Light for having brought such great change in me.

- Rakshana, Std. XII, SBS Mootha Girls Senior Secondary School, West Mambalam, Chennai (May 2013)
During the time the Light Channelling technique was being taught I felt there was a drastic change in me. I experienced happiness, peace, positivity and much more. Before this session my feelings and thoughts were very negative. I was not able to concentrate on my studies and was losing my confidence. But after attending this session there was a change in my character. My thinking became positive and I started gaining self-confidence again. At the time of Unit examinations, I was doing this technique for 7 minutes every day before studying and I got very good results.

- Nagarjuna Rambabu Vatti, Std. VIII, Vishwakarma Vidyalaya English Secondary School, Pune (April 2013))
Earlier, I used to get scolding from my mother for silly things. Now I send her Light and she does not scold me. Light Channelling has improved my concentration power and I get more positive thoughts. Previously, I could not understand when I read for the first time but now I am able to understand.

- E. Meenakshi, Std. XII, SBS Mootha Girls Senior Secondary School, West Mambalam, Chennai (April 2013)
My attention span has increased and I am able to focus on a single subject for a longer time without getting bored or distracted. I am able to control my anger to some extent and my problem solving capability has improved.

- R. Jeya, Std. XII, SBS Mootha Girls Senior Secondary School, West Mambalam, Chennai (April 2013)
I had a misunderstanding with my father. He just shouted at me and went to his room. I felt very disturbed so I practised this technique. After 15 minutes he came out and I apologised. He too felt bad for scolding me.

- S. Nithyasree, Std. XII, SBS Mootha Girls Senior Secondary School, West Mambalam, Chennai (April 2013)
After starting Light Channelling practice, I see good changes in me. My anger is reduced and I have become more active. I had difficulties in reading English. Now I am able to overcome that. My memory and handwriting have also improved.

- Karthika S., Std. V., St. Joseph Xavier R. C. Primary School, Kulasekaran Pattinam, Tamilnadu (Mar 2013)
In a difficult school, the Headmaster did not respond well and gave us permission reluctantly to conduct Light Channelling once last year. I wanted to take permission for a channelling session on February 1st in this school. While waiting outside the Headmaster's office I remembered Guruji's words to experiment with Light. I started channelling Light to him and conveyed with it whatever I wanted to say. He came out after a while, just looked at me and asked when I wanted to come for Light Channelling. It was amazing how he remembered me after almost a year and immediately gave permission. Words were not needed at all....the Light spoke for me!

- Nithya James, Volunteer (Mar 2013)
For some reason I was very angry and upset during the morning time. But when the Light Channelling session started in our school, I decided to join the channelling. After closing my eyes,at first I saw a kind of red Light. After some time the colour of the Light changed to white and I became very calm and peaceful.
- Mrs. Azra Parveen, Headmistress, St. Michel's English School, Kogilu Layout, Bangalore (Jan 2013)
When I closed my eyes and imagined the Light coming down and entering me, I felt that my tension had reduced. I was at Peace and was spreading the Light throughout the world. The entire world was filled with Light and everyone was happy enjoying peaceful life. After opening my eyes, I felt chillness on my face, as if I had washed it. Whatever tension and worries I had were washed away.
- Mrs. Sheeba Gracy D., Teacher, Best Public School, Davis Road, Bangalore (Jan 2013)
When I opened my eyes after channelling I felt everything around me in blue colour for some time. When I did Light Channelling, I found that I am able to study better and understand the lessons better.

- Chaya, Std. II-B, BBMP Girls PU College, Dispensary road, Bangalore (July 2012)
When I received and channelled Light to the country and the whole world, I felt as if I am the Creator.

- Yuvaraj, Std. III, Jnana Jyothi Kannada and Tamil Primary School, Gottigere, Bangalore (July 2012)
When I started channelling, I could feel the Light entering me. I felt fresh and experienced Peace. I could feel my personality changing from within.

- Varshini, Std. VII, Martha's English School, Byatarayanapura, Bangalore (July 2012)
While channelling Light, a shining Light like a God came and told me to be good.

- Shreyas, Std. VI, Shanthiniketan English School, Girinagar, Bangalore (July 2012)
Channelling Light gives us many benefits. With this, I don't want to conquer the world. I want to lead it.

- Ahan, Std. VI, Shanthiniketan English School, Girinagar, Bangalore (August 2012)
Channelling Light was a beautiful experience. I was so happy that I spent all the Light for my friends. Using this they can achieve their goals.

- Lekhashri, Std. V, Shanthiniketan English School, Girinagar, Bangalore (July 2012)
Meditating, I felt de-stressed and relaxed. I want to achieve my goals by channelling Light.

- Varshini, Std. V, Shanthiniketan English School, Girinagar, Bangalore (July 2012)
I had accompanied the students on an excursion to Kanyakumari on 22nd November, 2011. We reached there by 11.30 AM. To our disappointment the ferry to visit the Vivekananda Rock shrine was closed due to rough sea. We gathered in a park and had lunch. In the afternoon some primary class children eagerly channelled Light, requesting Light to help them visit the shrine.

Around 4 PM we were ready to leave but the students requested the guide and master to try again. Though it was a long walk, they agreed and soon they sent word that the ferry was open. We rushed, only to find a big crowd and the gates closed, but the guide came out with the tickets with special permission from the presiding officer of that office. We were on the last ferry. We meditated in the hall and watched the sunset in a clear sky. We left as the rock was lit up with brilliant lighting to leave a lasting impression of the wonderful energy we experienced. Thanks to the grace of Light.

- Uma Krishnamurthy, Headmistress, Thana Bodhini School, Sheshadripuram, Bangalore (June 2012)
On 14th June 2012, the Anniversary of RLCC, Madurai at around 3 PM the entire college campus witnessed a blow of whirlwind shaking trees with branches moving swiftly around and bending down to touch the ground. I was bit annoyed that it may disturb the programme. I prayed to Guruji and Rishis.

Later, by the time I arranged seating of visitors and others in the program hall I could observe the silencing of whirlwind and it slowly changed into a breeze. The programme started at 5.30 PM as scheduled. I consciously prayed to Guruji and Rishis for successful conduct of the programme. Surprisingly, a cool breeze entered the hall and swayed through us, and suddenly there was heavy drizzling outside which lasted up to 6 PM. There was no possibility of rain up to 5.30 PM as there were no clouds and the sky was very clear. Once the programme was over again the sky was clear. I felt that the rain had been Divine Blessings from Rishis and our Guruji.
- Swaminathan C, Volunteer (June 2012)
When I channelled Light for the first time I did not understand anything. But I continued to practise every day in the evening at 6.30 PM. While playing, I realised that my stamina had improved. I have not fallen sick. My memory has increased.

- Rohit Londhe, Student, Balwikas Corporation School, Lokmanya Nagar, Pune (June 2012)
There is calmness in our students after they began channelling Light. They are becoming more disciplined. They are practising Light Channelling with interest. Further, there is more unity among the students, interest in the welfare of others and they are paying more attention to their studies. It is seen that the students are also developing a desire to correct themselves and are giving up their stubborn attitude. We strongly believe that when this technique is practised more and more there will be much more progress in the students.

- P. Parameswari, I/C, Headmistress, Chennai Middle School, Dhideer Nagar, Chennai (June 2012)
Students did not assemble at the prayer time. Prayers got delayed and the Vice Principal was angry with me. I got tensed and started shouting at the students, made them assemble and after the prayers when you conducted Light Channelling, I too participated. I felt very soothing, calm and peaceful. You came like a God. Thanks a lot. It is a very good technique. I will definitely ask the children to practice this.

- Sanju Kumari, Teacher, KV - II, 104 Area, Visakhapatnam (June 2012)
The Light channelling sessions in different schools have created a lot of goodwill and joy. In my daily routine of teaching the S.S.C. students we start each day with this practice. The students have started enjoying the process and find greater sense of confidence and rejuvenated energy. Some of them have noteworthy experiences.

A young girl who has to get married was suddenly identified with kidney failure. Around 80 students sincerely channelled Light every day and it is still on. We came to know that 25% of her kidney has started functioning now.

Recently a student's father met with a nasty accident. We started channelling Light. He is out of danger and has shown quick improvement.

A 4-year old girl was gruesomely hit by an auto rickshaw. All chances were bleak; nevertheless we channelled Light with full faith. She is now out of danger.

I thank you for giving the world such a precious gift unconditionally.
- Jayanti Natarajan
After practising Light Channelling I have observed a lot of change in me. I used to get angry for very small matters because of tension but after channelling Light I feel very relaxed and happy. It has developed patience in me. When exams approach I practise this for 20 minutes to avoid tension. I have scored well in the examination. Now I have made a resolution that I will practise this everyday throughout my life.

- Sumanthi, Std. IX, KV - II, SVN, 104 Area, Visakhapatnam (May 2012)
I have been channelling Light since six months and it has helped me directly or indirectly at each and every step. A friend committed a cyber crime against me. I was furious. At the Regular Light Channelling Centre, I was advised to send a ball of Light to him. I started doing that and after 10 to 15 days, he became calm and now he has a neutral attitude towards me.

I had been suffering from back pain since June 2011. After taking up Light Channelling regularly, the pain has vanished. I have been preparing for IFS for last one year. My optional subject 'Forestry' is new for me. Light has made it easy for me to understand that subject.

- Avinash Kumar, IV year student, Agricultural College, Madurai (May 2012)
Light has helped me to control my anger.

- Zubair, Std. IX, Sheila Kothavala Insititute for Deaf, Bangalore (May 2012)
After doing Light Channelling my health has improved.

- Saicharan, Std. VI, Sheila Kothavala Insititute for Deaf, Bangalore (May 2012)
In our school we started 5th to 7th Standard classes for boys for the first time. The students of these classes were very naughty, mischievous and poor in studies. But due to Light Channelling they have become calm, studious and disciplined.

- Bashetty, Vice-Principal, Umabai Shravika Vidyalaya, Solapur (May 2012)
Many changes have occurred in the children by practising Light Channelling. They have become more energetic and their health has improved. They have become sharp and their memory power and concentration has increased. Attendance in the school has increased and children have become calm in the classroom. Their reading and writing capacity has improved. They are happy always. Mischievousness has reduced and their behaviour has changed. It has helped them to improve their listening and understanding capacity.

The teachers feel that the children have become mentally strong. They have become quiet and they understand each other more. They are doing all the work happily without being forced.

- Rathnamma, Headmistress, Govt. Higher Primary School, Hoskote (May 2012)
I channel Light everyday in the morning. My parents do not quarrel now and my father drinks very rarely.

- Narendra, Visakhapatnam (May 2012)
Closing my eyes and feeling Light spreading over me and around me gives me peace and helps me to face the day in a happy mood.

- Bindu, Teacher,Sheila Kothavala Insititute for Deaf, Bangalore (May 2012)
Every day, children in my class channel Light. Most of the children have become well disciplined. Their concentration has improved and their interest in studies has also increased.

- K. V. Savithri, Teacher, Women's Peace League High School, Bangalore (April 2012)
After regular practice of Light channelling, we have observed many changes in our children. The restlessness in them has reduced and their concentration has increased. They understand our teachings very well.

- Chandrashekhar, Teacher, Ambedkar School, Bangalore (April 2012)
When I close my eyes I can really feel the Light entering my body. After those three minutes I feel stress-free, calm, cheerful and ready to face the day. It is a wonderful way to start the day.

- Jessy Samuel, Principal, Sheila Kothavala Insititute for Deaf, Bangalore (April 2012)
As part of the plans for Amara Jayanti, myself and Usha Satishchandra wanted to visit many schools. A few days before I found that my two-wheeler was stopping in between. On that particular day when I started my vehicle I prayed to it not to trouble us. To our surprise it didn't stop in between. I thought that maybe my son had got it repaired. But he hadn't. Next day again the vehicle did not start as the battery was weak! For Light channelling work even vehicle gets tuned to it !

- Jyothi Shanbhag, Volunteer (April 2012)
In a school, when I started giving the details of channelling, a crow flew in through the window and sat on the fan. It was making lot of harsh and deafening noise. But when we started channelling, the crow became still. It looked as though it was also channelling Light. During the entire session it was in the same motionless posture and when the girls started talking after the session, it quietly flew out of the window.

- Rajalakshmi, Volunteer (Mar 2012)
When I was channelling Light, I found the desks and benches of my classroom radiating Light.

- A Student, Std. IV, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Sadashivanagar, Bangalore (Mar 2012)
When I sit for channelling Light, I hear the noise around me but still I am at peace.

- Atish Arun Gaekwad, Std. VII, Balwikas Corporation School, Pune (Mar 2012)
My class children are concentrating on their studies and have improved their memory. They have improved their moral, physical and mental behaviour. I can say Light channelling has helped in their all round development.

- Smt. Ranganayakamma K. S., Asst. Headmistress, Women's Peace League Hr. Primary School, Bangalore (Mar 2012)
My father used to drink. I started practising Light Channelling. Now he has stopped drinking.

- Vineeth, Std. VI, Devarayammal Tamil Primary School, Bangalore
My father had loans. After praying to Light, the loans are cleared now.

- Prashanth, Std. VII, Devarayammal Tamil Primary School, Bangalore
Channelling of Light definitely has a calming effect. It helps me come out of my distress, forget my problems and do my school work more effectively. On several occasions I have felt that Light has a healing effect and has reduced my knee pain to a commendable extent.

The process of channelling the Divine Light into our bodies and spreading it all around to the entire world in a span of 7-10 minutes has yielded tremendous amount of positivity; mentally, physically and environmentally. It has definitely made the world a better place to live in.

- Mrs. Tara Manjunath, Teacher, Achala Vidya Mandira High School, Bangalore
My friend and I had a fight. She stopped talking with me. I channelled Light to her. She started talking with me.
- P. L. Visalakshi, NSS Camp, Chennai (Nov 2011)
Yesterday morning I was feeling uneasy, as there was no phone call from home. I channelled Light and in a short while my mother called!
- M. Rohini, NSS Camp, Chennai (Nov 2011)
At night around 10 PM, a 7 year old girl suddenly had stomach pain. Matron gave her a tablet, but there was no relief. I told her to channel Light. Other children also joined and everyone channelled Light very sincerely. After 10 minutes she slept peacefully without any pain. It was a happy moment for me to see the children adopt Light channelling and getting help.

- Ms. Suguna, Resident, Cheshire Home for Disabled, Bangalore (Nov 2011)
Once when I was going to a shop, I saw a dog. I was scared. I channelled Light to the dog and it went away! I was very happy.
- Poojitha M. K., Student (Oct 2011)
For a few minutes I felt calmness in me and I did not have any worries of outside world. After opening my eyes I saw a new world with calmness in the mind.

- Humera Ajaz, Student, Madrasa-E-Zainab, Bangalore (Oct 2011)
On the day of my results, I was very tensed. I practised Light channelling and I felt very calm and peaceful.
- Wasiha Banu B., Std. VII, M. E. 2 English School, Bangalore (Oct 2011)
Once when I was going to a shop, I saw a dog. I was scared. I channelled Light to the dog and it went away! I was very happy.
- Poojitha M. K., Student (Sept 2011)
We were unable to construct a house for the past five years in spite of all our best efforts. After adopting the technique and practising it regularly, we have begun the construction!

- R. Shantha, Head Mistress, National Public School, Beereshwarnagar, Chunchgatta (Sept 2011)
I can see with regular practice of Light channelling, the ancient era reviving. Students are regular to school. There is a significant change in their behaviour and attitude. They have mellowed down a lot. They have stopped lying. I have observed that the gait of a few boys, who were aggressive, has turned majestic and dignified. They are very loving, peaceful and calm now. Children often come and share their experiences with me. It's really wonderful. Some of the ex-students became aware of this practice at school. On learning about the benefits, they voluntarily approached me and learnt the same.

- Pasumathi S, Head Mistress, New Holy Cross English School, Bangalore (Sept 2011)
A hyperactive child has mellowed down with the group channelling technique followed by the school. We were dumbfounded at such a response.

- R. K. Indira, Teacher, Govt. Model Higher Primary School, Yediyur, Bangalore (Aug 2011)
I am very pleased with the difference, the channelling of Light has brought to my students. A student habituated in using foul language has mended her ways and has refined her behaviour. Children who were very naughty have calmed down and are much quieter. Grasping power of students has improved. I can easily see an improvement in the interaction among the students. There is a lot of love and care nurtured among them.

- Komala, Principal, Good Earth, Bangalore (Aug 2011)
Amazingly, our institution has achieved a glorious result in 2010-11 compared to last 28 years. Thank you.

- Haneesh R. P., Head Master, Indian High School, Bangalore (Aug 2011)
The children of Corporation Girlís High School, Shrirampuram, Bangalore are channelling Light from the month of July 2010 regularly everyday for 10 minutes. By the grace of Light Masters, Light and Guruji, the performance of our school was 92% in the SSLC examination and our school stood first among all Corporation High Schools.

- Vice Principal, Mahanagara Palike Girls Junior College, Srirampura, Bangalore (July 2011)
Light channelling has improved Patience, Concentration, Tolerance, Discipline and Memory of our students. There is a good improvement in the character and behaviour of the students.

- B. Jayalakshmi, Govt. High School, Saniguruvanahalli, Bangalore (July 2011)
During my maths paper, towards the end I realised that I still had to solve two problems and I had only two minutes left. The questions were easy but the answers had to be very lengthy. I prayed to Light and Light Masters to help me. After solving the problems when I looked at my watch, it was showing the same time, which it was showing before I began solving the problems! I was really shocked! I have scored 85.5% only because of Light and Light Masters. I am thankful to them for guiding me.

- Rucha Nashikkar, Student, Mumbai (July 2011)
We felt very cool. Calmness and patience has increased after doing this exciting experiment. Nowadays children have become silent. There are no complaints of beating and fighting.

- Meera Deshpande, a teacher from a school in Pune (Apr 2011)
I do this technique two times a day. It has improved my concentration and I can concentrate now on whatever work I do. It keeps my mind and body fresh for everything and any activity throughout the day. When I do channelling before going to bed, it helps me to recognize things I do daily. My thoughts are also good now.

- Aditya Bhintode, Std. 8, Maharashtriya Mandal English Medium School, Pune (Apr 2011)
Earlier after getting up in the morning I used to feel very sleepy and tired the whole day. But after I started doing this Meditation I feel fresh in the morning and the whole day goes very nice. It helps me to concentrate on the work, which I am doing.

- Sanika Nadgauda, Std. 8, Maharashtriya Mandal English Medium School, Pune (Apr 2011)
Today (8-2-11), during the Light Channelling session at Shiksha Sagar School, Bangalore I felt Light surrounding the place at ground level. When I prayed to the Masters to bless us I felt a big circular form of several Rishis standing in the sky and sending Light to the children, and the bright Light entering every child.
- Sudeep Jayaram, Volunteer (Mar 2011)
I was jobless since last one and half years. After taking up Light Channelling work in schools I got a good job. I thank Light for that.
- Mahesh Kore, Volunteer (Mar 2011)
When I opened my eyes, I saw all things as new.

- J. Kingston Simon, Std. IX, Kamlavathy Matriculation Higher Secondary School
Sahupuram, Thoothukidi Dist (Mar 2011)
I feel happy while channelling. My mind becomes free and I feel well. If we channel when we donít have interest to read, we get concentration in studies.

- D.S. Dorai Babu, Student, Sunrise Public School, Bangalore (Mar 2011)
I felt that I became Light. I lost the awareness that I was at school. Only when I opened my eyes I realized that I am practising Light Channelling at school.

- Vanishree, Std. 8, Sunrise Public School, Bangalore (Mar 2011)
I felt that I was not a human being. When I was doing the Light Channelling, I forgot all my hunger, anger, sorrow, sadness and thirst. I was charming, joyful, everything. I canít explain my experience.
- Yaksha V., Std. 7, Sunrise Public School, Bangalore (Mar 2011)
Our boys and girls could never be seen in silence for even a few seconds, but Light Channelling made them silent for 10 minutes. It is a mystery.

- Headmistress, Bharathidasan Corporation Higher Secondary School, Madurai (Feb 2011)
We were earlier practising some Meditation technique which was not very effective. Now we are practising Light Channelling technique daily for 5 minutes. Some students who were very rash in behaviour have calmed down. Some students told that they were not listening to their parents. But, now they feel like listening and obeying their parents. The students are more disciplined now. This technique is so simple and effective.

- Pradeep, Teacher, Panchavati Vidya Mandira, Bangalore (Feb 2011)
I felt as though I was bathed in Light and had the vision of Light through my inner eye. Then I understood the Light that Arjuna spoke about when he saw the Vishwaroopa of Lord Vishnu.

- Indushekhar N, Teacher, Jain Heritage School, Bangalore (Feb 2011)
When I practised the Light Channelling technique, peace descended. Not only did I experience peace, I experienced the calmness and I lost awareness of the surroundings.

- Ms. Abida Begum, Teacher, Govt. Urdu Higher Primary School, Kaiwara (Jan 2011)
I feel more active after channelling. I gained whole world. There was no violence, no selfishness.

- Himanshu, 10th Std., Swamy Vivekananda Rural English Medium School, Chandapura, Anekal (January 2011)
On 28th December, when we conducted Light Channelling in Sarkari Proudhashale at Talagvara, a student revealed to us that she was present at Govt. High School, Chintamani on 22.12.2010 when we conducted the session there. She was praying that we visit her school at Talagvara and teach the technique to the students. Her prayers were answered in just less than 7 days!

- Mukesh Parmar, Volunteer (January 2011)
While doing the Light channelling technique, I lost awareness of my colleague next to me, the students in front of me and the surroundings. I was fully absorbed in the technique not knowing where I was.
- Principal, Sri Maruti School, Nelamangala (December 2010)
I had difficulty in walking due to weakness of the legs. But after channelling Light I have no pain while walking.
- Arun, Student, Std. V, Sarkari Hiriya Prathamika Pathasale, Hunasemaranhalli, Bangalore (December 2010)
I was very disturbed and frustrated. I had lost my confidence and had many negative feelings. I hoped to change all this without much success. I started channelling Light for a few minutes everyday. The results were amazing and things started changing gradually. I became calm and confident. My faith in God increased and I stopped criticizing others. My outlook towards life changed. I channelled Light to my grandmother who was unwell and she recovered fast. My parents who wanted me to work and help them are now supporting my studies.
- Deepika, Student, Pune (December 2010)
After the Light Channelling session on 2nd October, one student and her parent who stayed back at the class observed that a huge globe of white Light had appeared in the class.

- Medha Kulkarni, Volunteer (November 2010)
When I went for conducting Light Channelling session, I could sense the anger and tension in the class. After the session a student stood up and said that he could feel some energy entering him and the class started laughing.Then the teacher got up and said that she had actually seen Light all around her and she saw a huge globe of white Light in front of her. Which removed her anger and tension which was in her before starting the session. She was almost in tears! I left the class feeling touched, happy and blessed.

- Nithya James, Volunteer (November 2010)
I was not able to fold my legs and sit at the beginning of the session. But I ignored the knee pain and sat cross legged and channelled Light. After the session the knee pain had vanished and there was so much relief.

- Jayalakshmi Iyer, Head Mistress
A S Kupparaju & Bros Vidyaniketan, Bangalore (November 2010)
Every morning, when we pray at the assembly in school I make sure that I channel Light for a minute, and when I open my eyes I see everyone glowing and cheerful. This cheerfulness stays throughout the day. It is simply amazing to see this happen.
- Deeksha Suresh (October 2010)
I used to study a lot but never scored high marks. I came to know about Light channelling and decided to try it. Every day in the morning I practise the technique for five minutes. You may not believe but a miracle happened as in our next unit test I scored full marks in few of the subjects. For an average student like me, this is very surprising!

- Samiksha Vagare, Class X, Kalmadi High School, Pune (October 2010)
I saw a ball of white Light moving in front of my eyes. It was very nice. Thank you for coming and teaching us.
- Ms. Sameera, Teacher, Reliance Public School, Bangalore (October 2010)
My 11 month old niece was serious and the doctors suspected Dengue fever. With Gurujiís blessings and the Light Channelling team channelling Light to her, she recovered miraculously. I have no words to express my gratitude towards the Light Chanelling team.

- Dr. Suresh Kumar (Sep 2010)
After my son and daughter started channelling Light regularly, both have shown unimaginable improvement in their studies. Also they are gaining more confidence. Light Channelling can create wonders and my one birth is not sufficient to express my gratitude.

- Dr. Charusheela Birajdar (Sep 2010)
I liked the Light Channelling technique very much. I experienced a lot of energy while Channelling. One of our teachers told that she could not open her eyes and unlock her fingers after the session. Many students informed that they felt very relaxed and energetic and some had even seen the Light everywhere.

- Head of Silver Drops High School (Sep 2010)
For the first time, I have experienced so much peace and silence. I experienced the Light and it was an amazing experience. For the first time in the history of Baldwins, children sat this quite for so long.
- Principal, Baldwin Boys School, Bangalore (August 2010)
I felt the sunlight entering my body. Then my entire body was filled with white Light. My body became Light. I started spreading Light around me to the entire country and the world.

- Manisha,Student, Apollo Convent School, Bangalore (August 2010)
I could see the Light even before I could close my eyes. After I closed my eyes the Light filled every part of my body. And from the place where I was sitting I felt the earth was receiving the Light and everyone was happy.
- Karthik, Student, Apollo Convent School, Bangalore (August 2010)
The moment I closed my eyes I was oblivious to the surroundings. Every part of my body received Light and I felt as if everybody in the surrounding area was receiving it and was conscious of it. I feel really very nice.

- Prema, Teacher, Apollo Convent School, Bangalore (August 2010)
I have experienced Light earlier and it was always in the form of rays. But today it was different. Light descended in the form of small white globes and entered through my head. It was a very good experience, totally different.

- Dr. Nagina Sultan, Principal, Apollo Convent School, Bangalore (August 2010)
When I was practising Light Channelling, I was only observing the Light. First the Light was entering my body and it spread gradually to Bangalore city, then to Karnataka state, our Country, our world and finally it spread to the whole Universe. The Tsunami of Light was covering us for one minute.
- Kamlesh Kumar, Sunrise Public School, Bangalore
I was first only keen and interested to hear what sir was telling and then when I started to close my eyes and feel it, I felt a Light which was spreading the love and peace to the whole world. I was fully relaxed and my mind was fully pure. I thought that I am not this body. I am this mind, I am the Universal Spirit.
- Yaksha V, Sunrise Public School, Bangalore
When we closed our eyes the Light was falling on our bodies and I felt fresh.

- R. Rakshith, Navodaya Vidya Niketan, Bangalore
It was very refreshing and cool in the mind. I felt bright Light in my body.

- Karthik P, Navodaya Vidya Niketan, Bangalore
When we closed our eyes, first it was dark and slowly the sun rays fell on my eyes. You taught a nice experience.
- Clement, Navodaya Vidya Niketan, Bangalore
During the Light Channelling session on 1-7-2010, I felt completely immersed in Light and I felt one with Light. When I opened my eyes, I could only see Light everywhere. Now I am practising Light Channelling regularly.
- Spoorthi Shankar, St. Francis High School, Bangalore
We practised Light channelling everyday in our school from 01-02-2010. Though the students were not very good in studies 90 out of 110 students have passed the S.S.L.C exam this year. Our School stood first in SSLC results scoring 82% among all Corporation High Schools. And one student scored the highest marks of 92% . This result is the outcome of our regular Light Channelling sessions. And I am grateful to Light.
- Swarnalatha
Corporation Girl's High School, Shrirampuram, Bangalore
On 26th Feb. while channeling Light, I saw white light emanating from my soul, filling my entire body and merging with the blue light. I was absorbed in the intense experience. Later, I saw myself going into the earth. A blue ball of light was seen, which I felt was the core of the earth. I could see blue light coming from above and reaching the core. It was expanding and spreading to the surface also. A happy and beautiful Mother Earth was seen in our Meditation hall.
- Rakhee Chopra
Today (9-2-10) after the Light Channelling session in Malleshwaram one teacher was in tears. She said, 'I experienced God near me.'
- Manoj Chopra
I am a massage therapist and holistic practitioner. It is very important for me to keep my vibrations, and light high. I was happy to learn about Light Channeling. On 11-2-2010 I channeled light for half an hour. I was bathed in sunshine. It was a glorious feeling! I absorbed it all in, dispersing it wherever needed.
- Marlene Castelluccio
On 1st Feb., at Vagdevi Vilas School, as soon as I opened my eyes after the Light Channelling I saw blue light had filled the ground and the children.
- Kavita Kanade
I have joined the Light Channelling Movement. On 5th Jan'10, I opened the 'Light Channels' website, was surprised to see a Chakra near which was star 'ashtakoni', which came into my body and also spread its light into the room. I felt very peaceful though I found it difficult to withstand the strong energies.
- Pradnya
Life long experience for today's youngsters who are in need to shape their character and skills. It provokes positive attitude among them.

Very good experience to sit in silence to get relief from the tension. Positive approaches & thoughts bring down the restlessness in the children. Everyday this light is experienced in greater heights.

It is the need of the hour for the students as they are distracted much. This practice will enable them to break the diversion and to concentrate more in studies. It is being practiced in our school after year programme. Thanks to the school Management and the principal for organising such standard programme.

It is very useful to relax the mind & body of students. This is very much needed for these day children to have healthy body.

We thank you for this wonderful session. The light within us can be realized within us. It is very useful to us and now a days we are able to concentrate in our studies. We are practicing regularly and can feel the changes in us. We request you to spread this practice to the student community in this world.
- Students of Baba School, Madurai
I am channeling 'Light' everyday, before I sleep & after getting up in the morning. I feel relaxed as the calm and soothing energy is in me all the time. Surprisingly my temper has gone down greatly.

The book 'Beyond 2012' is excellent. Everything is mentioned very clearly in it. I am making like-minded people aware of the importance of our present transient phase of Pralaya, by providing them with the books 'Living in Light' and 'Light'. They are amazing books that help us to be one with Light. Thank you.
- Ashish & Pallavi Desai

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