Light Channels Meet - May 7th, 2012

Light Channels Meet 2012

Guruji introduced Light Channelling in 2008 and since then we, the Meditators have been channelling Light. Then in 2009 it was introduced to school children. More than 2 million children have channelled Light since then. Guruji has also been speaking in the classes about the Spiritual importance of 2012 events and a great Revolution in Consciousness. All this knowledge and awareness have to be spread to the whole world. And May 7th event was the launch pad towards this effort; to spread this great and last Revolution by Light.

The preparation for this event began well in advance in February. While the volunteers worked at the physical level under Guruji's guidance, Guruji worked at the Astral level inviting many Astral Masters to bless this event. After a phase of thorough planning, began the phase of impeccable execution. The Volunteers' Love, dedication and hard work and the grace of the Rishis made the event a grand success. Help from Light was experienced at every stage of execution.

Close to one thousand people had gathered at the Chowdiah Memorial Hall. Masters from Shambala and many other Masters were present astrally. Message from the Rishis was delivered by Guruji with great clarity, simplicity and humility as thousands of people watched the Live Webcast of this program all over the world. When Light Channelling began at 7.45 pm, the entire hall was filled with Divine silence as a great Energy brought down on Buddha Purnima was channelled to the whole world. Lakhs joined in this channelling of Light, at the same time, from different places in the world. After channelling for 15 minutes, the Light Channel Volunteers were honoured by Guruji by gifting them a memento of Light Channels. Many of them were overwhelmed with gratitude and many expressed that this was a life fulfilling moment for them.

The event gave people the Light of Hope and an Assurance from the Rishis of a glorious future; of a not very distant New Age.

Message from the Masters

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