How to Participate

No membership. No sermon. No restrictions. No conditions. No commerce.

Anyone can channel Light, from anywhere at any time and for as long as one wishes to.

FOR INDIVIDUALS & GROUPS - On 31st January 2020 channel Light for at least 7 minutes and you would have participated in the World Channels Day. More than a Million world citizens are expected to channel Light on this day. As more and more channel Light it will initiate a process of healing and purifying our World of disturbances leading to Peace.

FOR SCHOOLS – On 31st January 2020 you may channel Light in the school assembly on the World Channels Day. Please give a missed call to 9625413085. We will give you a timely reminder.

You can conduct Light Channelling in the school assembly for 3 to 7 minutes depending on time available. More than 5,50,000 school students are already channelling every day. Teachers can conduct the Light Channelling sessions.

Students can also channel Light for 3 minutes before the start of class room sessions. Class monitors / leaders can conduct the guided Light Channelling session.

Due to the simplicity of the Light Channelling technique children find it easy to practice.

AFTER THE WORLD CHANNELS DAY, channel Light every day to continue to contribute to World Peace.

FOR INDIVIDUALS - Individuals can also channel Light for self-improvement. This is because Light can be used as a technique for anger management and improving memory as well as concentration skills.

FOR GROUPS -You can channel Light on your own, with family and friends. You can gather like-minded neighbours and acquaintances and channel Light as a group. This will intensify the spread of Light.

Light can be channelled during house warming ceremonies. During birthdays Light can be channelled to the individual as well. Light can be sent as a healing energy to a patient.

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